Friday, May 4, 2012

Uneventfully eventful day

I took a break from my occupation of being a bum at home and went to visit the school again today. Not that I wanted to. I just had to pay for that thesis editing fee that is so.effing.expensive.

Remember that last dorm post? Well, I visited the area where my old 3rd year dorm was. My sister and I were at SB because I was supposed to buy her a grad gift (I have a coupon for a free frappe I won a few days ago....yes guys, that is my gift to my sister. Sorry for being stingy). Good thing I was with my sister and she knows someone who lived nearby because a huge storm suddenly poured down. I intruded on my sister's friend's dorm after being soaked through and through from that god awful rain about half an hour ago before this photo of cows on the road... XD

 Pre-stampede at Villa Isabel. Before that kid (not seen in picture) scared them away.

 Aftermath. Stampede! That darn kid. I almost got run over. And my second instinct after saving my life is to take a picture. Great.

 A tree at school. A beautiful tree in real life. I was not able to capture the beauty with my camera. Too bad.

This is me without sleep. And after getting soaked from the rain and then air-dried. At KFC with Bebe. Hello big hand, messy hair and awful face.

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