Sunday, May 27, 2012

SG Pseudo Day 1

Hello, little anemones of the internet sea.

I am currently in Singapore. I think I forgot to mention that that's where I am going for my late summer vacation trip. Already on my third day (it's already 1am..but I haven't slept yet so should I consider that the day hasn't ended yet? Is this confusing you? Yes?). But it feels that I have just arrived from the airport. How wicked fast time flies.

And what bad tourists we are. The camera memory card failed on us today. Drat. Is my own memory enough to remember the awesomeness of SG archi and cuisine? I don't think so. Absent minded as I am, I can't even remember my way home from anywhere.

You know what's weird? It's like I never really left home. Same climate (although at 7pm, it is still pretty sunny), atmosphere and malls. Although everything is much cleaner. I can't say that to every SG place though. The area where I am staying is pretty much the same as some dirty and ditzy part in Manila ("cheap" hotels.... which is considered expensive back home). But with more hookers (they're at every corner I tell you. Is that legal here?). So I got another new experience. SG red light district and night life. Pretty exciting, no?

Hopefully, our memory card cooperates so I can post my awesome pictures of food and buildings. XDD

Will post more of my SG experience later.
A bientot~!

Awed tourist,

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