Friday, May 18, 2012

This post is a rant about my hair. This would be long. Pun not intended. PART 1

I've always had curly hair.
Wait.. Scratch that. I've always had curly hair until I got to try sweet, straight rebonded hair back in high school. I always thought it would have been impossible for a curly haired girl to have straight hair unless a miracle happens (back then, i was a bit tomboyish with very little imagination so I never thought of hair irons and all that). So, hair rebond happened and I was with straight hair for about four years, since my 3rd year in high school up to my 3rd year in college, until I've decided to go back to my natural hair because I missed it. WRONG. Because my hair became too damaged for too much rebonding that it needed a break.

So for more than a year now, I've been sporting my old semi-manageable, stringy, curly hair. And I still hate it.
Kat hair walk-through (ok, ignore the hideous face. I'm posting this to make a point. Focus on the hair):

My unnaturally straight hair before chopping it all off because of frustrations:

Curly hair:

First haircut w/o rebond after 4 years and how it got long and short (ugh. can't stop going to salons) over the year:

And the most recent one:

Gosh. I hate my hair.

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