Wednesday, May 23, 2012

$180sg, Why don't I have you right now?

Dilemma dilemma.
As you guys know, I will be away on a trip to Singapore soon. Will be there for about 3 weeks.
And as you may have noticed (maybe you didn't so I'll say it now), I am a huge fan of SHINee. I've been a shawol since their debut in '08.
It so happens that my Singapore trip and a concert with SHINee in it will coincide! Wazuuuh!

HOWEVER, I don't think I can go because the cheapest ticket is $148; when converted into Php is about 5kplus. I don't have that kind of money right now because I'm dirt poor. Oh god. Why didn't I go to SG last year and SHINee have their concert then. I wasn't so shoppaholic back then and had quite a saving.

Read info here:

Maybe I'll just be a sasaeng fan and follow them around on SG? But will they even tour around? They have been there numerous times. They might just stay at the hotel. Shall I go and try seeing them at the airport? Maybe I'll get my chances there. Maybe even a picture. Oh my.
Basta I know one thing. I. CAN'T. MISS. THIS.

Oh lovely bias, will I be able to see you in flesh and bones at last? Is being in the same country, breathing the same air, walking on the same ground ever enough?
I'm almost 20. May this opportunity be the universe's last gift to me as a teenager. But having a job is appreciated too. :D Can't I have both?

A bientot!

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