Thursday, May 3, 2012

This shall be untitled

Sometimes my paranoia hinders with my sleep. I would end up staying up until late, up until 3 or 4 am, because I'm scared that burglars might appear while I'm sleeping. I would keep my eyes peeled for any movement, my ears sensitive to any sound, with feet ready to run, and voice ready to scream for danger.
I have recently acquired a weapon, a wooden stick (for arnis, a martial art, it seems), and have kept it in my room since. I don't actually know how to use it, but I wouldn't hesitate to whack a thief in the head with it. This will be the first night that I have reached that state of paranoia that I would want to sleep with it next to me.
Just a few minutes earlier, I have heard a weird sound on the roof. It could have been a cat. It could have been a burglar. So I grabbed my stick from my room and waited for any sound. Nothing peculiar came after.
Then I heard my dog whimpering downstairs. He usually whimpers when he scratches his ear, but he could also be held captive by a thief, so with stick in hand, I went downstairs to check. Alas, nothing strange was around, except from me of course, with a stick in battle position.
In the end I just turned on the lights in the garage and retreated back to the computer. Then I wrote this.

It's already 2am.
Will I be able to sleep tonight?

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