Thursday, May 17, 2012

I just love love love...

...the Taisho era. Or even the latter half of the Meiji period.

It was the time when Western culture was getting more prevalent and accepted in the Japanese culture. So there are a lot of mixing of 2 cultures, which is especially seen in the clothing. Ah~ A kimono... a hakama and a gakuran amid suits and military uniforms. I think I'm getting a nosebleed. >.<!!

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There were still samurais, although not that many anymore, feudal lords and maybe even ninjas. Students wearing gakurans or those cute little jumpsuits... oh, also Taisho era scholars. Oh, so exciting. ♥

I just think that it is super romantic. I don't know why. Whenever I read manga or watch animes, if it's the historical type, I would always prefer and squeal for guys in a hakama or an old fashioned gakuran rather than a western prince, a knight or a soldier. Just thinking of it makes me all *sigh*

I remember one time when I was asked who I think is more epic, a ninja or a pirate, I actually answered Feudal Lord. Ninjas work for them, right? So they're loaded. Pirates are also loaded and they're also pretty romantic in their own way but they're a bit too rugged for my taste. Come to think of it, Feudal lords are a bit too old. Maybe a young, hopeful scholar from that time would be the best answer. :D

How about you? Who would you pick?

A bientot!

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