Thursday, May 31, 2012

Interview with the Vampire

I don't know how many times I have read this book. 3 times? 4 times?
The first time was back when I was in 3rd year high school. The first time I read the book, it became an instant favorite. I just love how that book takes you to places. To New Orleans, to Paris. It was grotesque, romantic and very much erotic. I wonder why back when I first read it that it didn't come off to me as erotic. Just sappy romance (and loverly bromance). Maybe because I was much too innocent and not too corrupted back then. Hah! This time around, I almost can't contain my happiness for the bromance! (sorry guys. Can't contain my inner fujoshi)

Every time I read it, different emotions just surface in me. I can't give any other word for it than exciting (or maybe it's just because of my poor grip on the English language and my sucky vocabulary that I can't think of anything else XD). I have always found vampires and stuff to be interesting but I learned to love them after I have discovered this. Anne Rice is just too awesome. Although I do want to read her other vampire books, they're pretty hard to find. And if I do find them....can't afford. Hahaha. (sponsor me, someone). However, I've been pretty disappointed with the Vampire stuff that are popular lately. I had high high high hopes for Twilight before but it was crushed to bits when I saw the first movie. After that, I shunned the whole franchise. Definitely, Anne Rice's vampires are the best.

I don't know why. It has been pretty long since I got so excited over reading a book. Even my sister was asking why I was flailing my arms and legs when I was just reading a book that I have read a countless time already.
It was a feeling of excitement that I have always longed for when reading books. And that surge of contentment that fills you after you have read the last word of the adventure. Bliss.

Now I'm sad because I finished it too fast. Now I have nothing to read while here in SG. I have to scavenge for new good books soon!

This is definitely one of my faves. Totally recommended!

Singapore post again!

It's already May 31. Been here in SG since the 27th. It has been a bit uneventful so far.  We  mainly just window shopped and ate at hawkers for "cheap" SG food that are still pretty expensive in PH standards. And yesterday we went to scavenge for books (because I already finished the book I brought with me....I'll tell you about that later) so zoom we went to Wheelock's Place for that huge collection of books only to find mannequins instead of paperbacks. So off we went to Takashiyama to find that big bookstore...Kinokuniya, if I'm not mistaken... just to find out that we picked the wrong date. They were closed for re-stocking and would resume operations the next day, which is today. Talk about bad timing, man. It was a bit of a dud and I went home pretty defeated. However, we did go out to play today. The real SG adventure started today, I guess.

Death Eater display at MBS mall place thingy. XD Can't wait to go to that HP exhibit. <3

My older sister and I. The MBS at our back. :D

There was this super awesome and totally amazing water and lights show at the MBS a few minutes before this. It was superb, really. I felt like a kid again. I want to watch over and over and over. It was so so fantastic, especially that part when the bubbles went out. I felt like a princess! I should have worn a silk dress instead. XD
 I took bad pictures, though. But I do think my uncle caught a video of it. Maybe I'll post it next time. Maybe. XD

The infamous Merlion.

Obligatory SG Tourist Photo. Look like you're drinking from the Merlion's ...uhh...spew of water.
Believe me when I say that almost everyone is doing this pose there. Just like that tourist thing in Pisa. This is a bit of a fail though. Still.... I tried. XD

Sentosa tomorrow! Can't wait. XDDD

Gute nacth!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Boyz Nite Out rant. Yes. Again.

Okay. I'm here to rant again. But this is somehow different because I'm ranting in another country. Haha.
Anywhoo, as you shawols know, SHINee will be performing with 4 other kpop artists in one concert (if you aren't a shawol, then now you know. Good for you.)

Now, my problem doesn't include my stay here is SG since I am pretty sure I'd still be here on June 15, the CD (concert day). HOWEVER, this still doesn't eliminate the ticket dilemma. So so so expensive for a 2 and a half hour concert with SHINee probably singing just 3 to 5 songs. I don't know. I'm not really too sure if it's expensive because I never really have gone to a real concert before (I'm lame). It's really conflicting because I know I wouldn't appreciate the other groups as much and would rather just go to an SM or a SHINee-only concert. But there's a voice in my heart that says that I shouldn't miss this opportunity to see my idols. Although the ticket is so expensive (because honestly, everything is expensive here except the toiletries and stuff). $148 for a balcony/terrace seat. More than 5,000php. And the good seats are at $178. 6K. Too effing expensive.

If that's the price for a full SHINee concert, then I'm sure to come. But this time...I'm having second thoughts.

Do you think this will be my only opportunity to be able to see them?

I'm still confused. Is me being just a computer screen fan be ever enough? I want to see them in person too! Darn it. SHINee! Hold a proper concert in the Philippines too! But wait till I get home first. :D

SG Pseudo Day 1

Hello, little anemones of the internet sea.

I am currently in Singapore. I think I forgot to mention that that's where I am going for my late summer vacation trip. Already on my third day (it's already 1am..but I haven't slept yet so should I consider that the day hasn't ended yet? Is this confusing you? Yes?). But it feels that I have just arrived from the airport. How wicked fast time flies.

And what bad tourists we are. The camera memory card failed on us today. Drat. Is my own memory enough to remember the awesomeness of SG archi and cuisine? I don't think so. Absent minded as I am, I can't even remember my way home from anywhere.

You know what's weird? It's like I never really left home. Same climate (although at 7pm, it is still pretty sunny), atmosphere and malls. Although everything is much cleaner. I can't say that to every SG place though. The area where I am staying is pretty much the same as some dirty and ditzy part in Manila ("cheap" hotels.... which is considered expensive back home). But with more hookers (they're at every corner I tell you. Is that legal here?). So I got another new experience. SG red light district and night life. Pretty exciting, no?

Hopefully, our memory card cooperates so I can post my awesome pictures of food and buildings. XDD

Will post more of my SG experience later.
A bientot~!

Awed tourist,

Thursday, May 24, 2012

4 Years with SHINee

Happy SHINee Anniversary, fellow shawols! ♥

It has been 4 years already. Wow. I never imagined I would be a fan for so long. I mean, honestly, I'm the type of person who gets bored easily. But to think that I've been following SHINee since I was 16... just incredible. SHINee has been such a driving force in my life since I started college. Through my freshman year up to my graduation day, they had been in my heart.

I hope they stay together for as long as they can. We loyal shawols will stay with them forever. I am so totally grateful to SM that they formed SHINee. *cry cry* My so mundane life had been splashed with colors because of these 5 shining boys.

It felt just yesterday that I was watching their debut stage on youtube last May 2008. Of course, I wouldn't forget my hs bestie, Joan, who introduced me to them because she thought one member looked like our highschool crush, and he did. Plus, she knows of my pedo tendencies and who wouldn't love to watch a 15 year old singing about his love for older women? Ah memories. I was 16 then. 

shinee - shinee wallpaper
I love this picture because Minnie was wearing glasses. I'm a sucker for Megane-charas.

SHINee during Lucifer era. When Taemin first started the long hair thing and all Taemints' ovaries exploded. 
I just love this picture of them. It's funny how the four others look like normal hot kpop idols while leader Onew looks like he's going to a tennis game or something. I love his style. So normal and laidback! Haha.
When SHINee went to Europe. And became the first Asian artist to perform on Abbey Road Studios. So legendary, these boys are.

Oh god. I'm sincerely hoping to see them this June 15 on SG. Or even any other day. And I'll congratulate them on their 4 years. With a kiss and a hug. Or even just a signature. Or a picture. I'd be happy with those. ☺

My SHINee bias, maknae Taeminnie. I love all of them lots and lots, but Taemin is just too adorable that I can't help giving him more love than the others. ♥ And having the same birthday as him doesn't help either. I was fated to spazz over this boy. ♥

I'm going to celebrate the day by watching SHINee's Hello Baby. I should have bought banana milk when I went out the other day. Oh well. There are other snacks to binge on. ☺

How about you? If you were a shawol, how would you celebrate your 4th year with your favorite band?

4 years as a shawol,

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

$180sg, Why don't I have you right now?

Dilemma dilemma.
As you guys know, I will be away on a trip to Singapore soon. Will be there for about 3 weeks.
And as you may have noticed (maybe you didn't so I'll say it now), I am a huge fan of SHINee. I've been a shawol since their debut in '08.
It so happens that my Singapore trip and a concert with SHINee in it will coincide! Wazuuuh!

HOWEVER, I don't think I can go because the cheapest ticket is $148; when converted into Php is about 5kplus. I don't have that kind of money right now because I'm dirt poor. Oh god. Why didn't I go to SG last year and SHINee have their concert then. I wasn't so shoppaholic back then and had quite a saving.

Read info here:

Maybe I'll just be a sasaeng fan and follow them around on SG? But will they even tour around? They have been there numerous times. They might just stay at the hotel. Shall I go and try seeing them at the airport? Maybe I'll get my chances there. Maybe even a picture. Oh my.
Basta I know one thing. I. CAN'T. MISS. THIS.

Oh lovely bias, will I be able to see you in flesh and bones at last? Is being in the same country, breathing the same air, walking on the same ground ever enough?
I'm almost 20. May this opportunity be the universe's last gift to me as a teenager. But having a job is appreciated too. :D Can't I have both?

A bientot!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hair rant PART 2

Okay. So I've established the fact that I do hate my hair.
And every time I look at pictures of idols and models with their fabitty fab hair, it just infuriates me that I got these hair genes. Both my parents have curly hair. Darn it.

I used to have long hair a few years back. But I learned to love hair styling too late. I want to try a fishtail braid on my hair, or even simple odango buns. But my short-short hair does not permit me to do so. *sigh*

Since I've kind of given up on getting long hair lately, I've been keeping my eyes on short hairstyles. I would totally love these!:

(credit to rightful owners)
I like the first 2 better but they're all cute, don't you think? Haaah. Why aren't I born with cute, bouncy hair?

I would also totally love to have IU's hair. Or if I could be born again with IU's hair, face and voice, I think I would be happier with myself. She's too adorbs! Or even Tricia G.'s body and looks. And also awesome hair.

IU Debut IU is seen chatting with her fans when she was a rookie!
Posted Image
iu with short hair and bangs id at 0 IU with Short Hair and Bangs

iu with short hair and bangs id at 1 IU with Short Hair and Bangs

This post is a rant about my hair. This would be long. Pun not intended. PART 1

I've always had curly hair.
Wait.. Scratch that. I've always had curly hair until I got to try sweet, straight rebonded hair back in high school. I always thought it would have been impossible for a curly haired girl to have straight hair unless a miracle happens (back then, i was a bit tomboyish with very little imagination so I never thought of hair irons and all that). So, hair rebond happened and I was with straight hair for about four years, since my 3rd year in high school up to my 3rd year in college, until I've decided to go back to my natural hair because I missed it. WRONG. Because my hair became too damaged for too much rebonding that it needed a break.

So for more than a year now, I've been sporting my old semi-manageable, stringy, curly hair. And I still hate it.
Kat hair walk-through (ok, ignore the hideous face. I'm posting this to make a point. Focus on the hair):

My unnaturally straight hair before chopping it all off because of frustrations:

Curly hair:

First haircut w/o rebond after 4 years and how it got long and short (ugh. can't stop going to salons) over the year:

And the most recent one:

Gosh. I hate my hair.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I just love love love...

...the Taisho era. Or even the latter half of the Meiji period.

It was the time when Western culture was getting more prevalent and accepted in the Japanese culture. So there are a lot of mixing of 2 cultures, which is especially seen in the clothing. Ah~ A kimono... a hakama and a gakuran amid suits and military uniforms. I think I'm getting a nosebleed. >.<!!

 (credit goes to rightful owners)

There were still samurais, although not that many anymore, feudal lords and maybe even ninjas. Students wearing gakurans or those cute little jumpsuits... oh, also Taisho era scholars. Oh, so exciting. ♥

I just think that it is super romantic. I don't know why. Whenever I read manga or watch animes, if it's the historical type, I would always prefer and squeal for guys in a hakama or an old fashioned gakuran rather than a western prince, a knight or a soldier. Just thinking of it makes me all *sigh*

I remember one time when I was asked who I think is more epic, a ninja or a pirate, I actually answered Feudal Lord. Ninjas work for them, right? So they're loaded. Pirates are also loaded and they're also pretty romantic in their own way but they're a bit too rugged for my taste. Come to think of it, Feudal lords are a bit too old. Maybe a young, hopeful scholar from that time would be the best answer. :D

How about you? Who would you pick?

A bientot!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Uneventfully eventful day

I took a break from my occupation of being a bum at home and went to visit the school again today. Not that I wanted to. I just had to pay for that thesis editing fee that is so.effing.expensive.

Remember that last dorm post? Well, I visited the area where my old 3rd year dorm was. My sister and I were at SB because I was supposed to buy her a grad gift (I have a coupon for a free frappe I won a few days ago....yes guys, that is my gift to my sister. Sorry for being stingy). Good thing I was with my sister and she knows someone who lived nearby because a huge storm suddenly poured down. I intruded on my sister's friend's dorm after being soaked through and through from that god awful rain about half an hour ago before this photo of cows on the road... XD

 Pre-stampede at Villa Isabel. Before that kid (not seen in picture) scared them away.

 Aftermath. Stampede! That darn kid. I almost got run over. And my second instinct after saving my life is to take a picture. Great.

 A tree at school. A beautiful tree in real life. I was not able to capture the beauty with my camera. Too bad.

This is me without sleep. And after getting soaked from the rain and then air-dried. At KFC with Bebe. Hello big hand, messy hair and awful face.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

This shall be untitled

Sometimes my paranoia hinders with my sleep. I would end up staying up until late, up until 3 or 4 am, because I'm scared that burglars might appear while I'm sleeping. I would keep my eyes peeled for any movement, my ears sensitive to any sound, with feet ready to run, and voice ready to scream for danger.
I have recently acquired a weapon, a wooden stick (for arnis, a martial art, it seems), and have kept it in my room since. I don't actually know how to use it, but I wouldn't hesitate to whack a thief in the head with it. This will be the first night that I have reached that state of paranoia that I would want to sleep with it next to me.
Just a few minutes earlier, I have heard a weird sound on the roof. It could have been a cat. It could have been a burglar. So I grabbed my stick from my room and waited for any sound. Nothing peculiar came after.
Then I heard my dog whimpering downstairs. He usually whimpers when he scratches his ear, but he could also be held captive by a thief, so with stick in hand, I went downstairs to check. Alas, nothing strange was around, except from me of course, with a stick in battle position.
In the end I just turned on the lights in the garage and retreated back to the computer. Then I wrote this.

It's already 2am.
Will I be able to sleep tonight?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My pet cat... so obedient today! How refreshing!

Not once did he bite or try to attack me since this morning. XD
Now, I feel like spoiling him. Maybe I should open that can of sardines in the store for him. ♥

Siopao has always been wild; like lion-wild. He even catches rats (and offers it to me...errr), eats lizards (his favorite, I believe), and kills cockroaches for me. But he's so mellow today. It isn't even Sunday.
It must be the weather, then. I feel like I want to laze about too.

My cat is so moe~♥

Having Fun Indie Night

There is a word play on the title. I'm now regretting that I typed that. 
I'm so lame.

 This will be another indie post, although not entirely korean indies this time. 

J Rabbit - Sagging into sleep

I'm in love with J Rabbit lately. Be in love with them too! ♥

Plastic Plastic - Elastic

My newly discovered Thai Indie group. They're great. Kinda reminds me of Standing Egg. Although I'm a bit disappointed because I can't seem to find that much info about them or their albums (if they ahve one already). I did like their fb page though. 

Plastic Plastic - Ten to Twelve

Another good song from Plastic Plastic. It sounds a bit similar to Elastic. 

                                                Mighty Coala.마이티코알라 - "열대야"

If you want to listen to more awesome K-indie, visit jipiddy4indie2go on YT. ♥

MilkTea.밀크티 - "라면왕"

I think I prolly posted this song before, the MV. I'm not too sure though. But unedited versions have that kind of rawness and fresh feeling to it. And I love her hat! Waaant♥

More awesome stuff later!

hugs and pats on the head,