Friday, May 18, 2012

Hair rant PART 2

Okay. So I've established the fact that I do hate my hair.
And every time I look at pictures of idols and models with their fabitty fab hair, it just infuriates me that I got these hair genes. Both my parents have curly hair. Darn it.

I used to have long hair a few years back. But I learned to love hair styling too late. I want to try a fishtail braid on my hair, or even simple odango buns. But my short-short hair does not permit me to do so. *sigh*

Since I've kind of given up on getting long hair lately, I've been keeping my eyes on short hairstyles. I would totally love these!:

(credit to rightful owners)
I like the first 2 better but they're all cute, don't you think? Haaah. Why aren't I born with cute, bouncy hair?

I would also totally love to have IU's hair. Or if I could be born again with IU's hair, face and voice, I think I would be happier with myself. She's too adorbs! Or even Tricia G.'s body and looks. And also awesome hair.

IU Debut IU is seen chatting with her fans when she was a rookie!
Posted Image
iu with short hair and bangs id at 0 IU with Short Hair and Bangs

iu with short hair and bangs id at 1 IU with Short Hair and Bangs

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