Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Having Fun Indie Night

There is a word play on the title. I'm now regretting that I typed that. 
I'm so lame.

 This will be another indie post, although not entirely korean indies this time. 

J Rabbit - Sagging into sleep

I'm in love with J Rabbit lately. Be in love with them too! ♥

Plastic Plastic - Elastic

My newly discovered Thai Indie group. They're great. Kinda reminds me of Standing Egg. Although I'm a bit disappointed because I can't seem to find that much info about them or their albums (if they ahve one already). I did like their fb page though. 

Plastic Plastic - Ten to Twelve

Another good song from Plastic Plastic. It sounds a bit similar to Elastic. 

                                                Mighty Coala.마이티코알라 - "열대야"

If you want to listen to more awesome K-indie, visit jipiddy4indie2go on YT. ♥

MilkTea.밀크티 - "라면왕"

I think I prolly posted this song before, the MV. I'm not too sure though. But unedited versions have that kind of rawness and fresh feeling to it. And I love her hat! Waaant♥

More awesome stuff later!

hugs and pats on the head,

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