Sunday, April 29, 2012

I miss dorm life.

Obviously, this post will be about me and dorms.
Every year, we would move to new dorms... mostly because we're girls who are hard to please. Mostly because of me. So, during my 4 years in college, I was able to stay in 4 different dorms.  

It is too bad that I didn't take much pictures of the rooms. I did take a few, but it's all gone now.

My first year dormitory was a great one. The selling point would be the big window which stretches from the ceiling to the floor and the very spacious room (can fit about 4 people, and would still be quite spacious). If I were to compare, it had the feel of Nana and Hachi's room from the manga Nana. The sunlight streaming from the humongous window every morning and afternoon is just the best. I shared the room with my sister and my cousin (we were in succeeding grades, me in first year, sister in 2nd and cousin in 3rd) and I would occasionally be left alone (because college people are busy partying...XD).  We put our table next to the window and had breakfast there together. Sometimes, my cousin's boyfriend and my sister's bf (now an ex) would be eating breakfast with us. Those were the fun days. It was like a pseudo family to me. Every time I remember that dorm and me all alone reading next to the window or eating something I "baked" in the microwave, I would think "Ah, those were the days..." It was simply awesome.


Although, the drawback was that the room was supposedly haunted (3 friends who do not know each other confirmed this) and that it was infested with big-ass red ants. Also, it used to flood in the room when it rained even though we're on the 2nd floor (still bitter about this because it ruined my xxxholic vol8 manga). Haha. My friends thought I was joking. Water actually seeped through the walls. XD So obviously, we had to move. Also, our cousin wanted to get her own room so we moved to a smaller room the next year.

My 2nd year dorm is also pretty awesome. It had a resort feel because of the big garden. There was also a small fish pond (which is great but kinda sucked because mosquitoes were breeding there) Everyday, I felt like I was in a vacation (which is probably the reason why I was so fat and lazy during my 2nd year). It was the friendliest dorm we have ever been so even though it was kinda awesome, it was a shock. You see, my sister and I aren't really the friendliest people on the block. We prefer to stay indoors and play computer games or read books and whatnot. Simply put, we kept to ourselves. But the dorm people were just so friendly that almost all of the people there knew each other. Even the caretaker was their close friend. Every night they would get together and talk. At times, they would have parties (which were loud so I was annoyed). The friendliness doesn't stop there though. During Christmas that year, the dorm caretaker even gave each of the tenants gifts! It was a shock. They were so neighborly. So, my sister and I were guilty about it so we just gave them some cookies we baked at a friend's house (no oven, you see...."OTL). And there was one incident when the caretaker was nice enough to let me shower in her room because there was no water that day. So nice. :'( I'm about to cry just remembering it. 

Aside from the resort-like feel of the dorm (the view is so so so pretty from our room in the second floor!), the room is also huge (can fit 3 people). Another good point is the biiiig restroom. It was so spacious that you could dance in there. The shower was awesome too! Although it was hard to clean because it was so big. what was the drawback of living in there again? Oh yeah. There were a lot of weird bugs and a few cockroaches because the rooms were a little old. I actually killed a firefly once. I thought it was a weird cockroach but after I killed it, it's butt glowed. I was like, "oh." (there were a lot of weird species of bugs crawling was I supposed to know?!). Also, there was a curfew ( early!), and we didn't want that so we had to move. But we had a good stay. One of the best...if it wasn't for the curfew. 

The third dorm smelled like a hospital. It was a quiet and clean dorm. The building was modern but every time I would stay at the balcony (yes, we had a balcony...awesome, right? Right.), I would realize that I was living in the countryside. One time, there was a herd of cows running down the road. It was cute and scary at the same time. Things like those were actually normal and other people paid no mind. I was shocked though. Also, there was a lobby at each floor so it really felt homey but still apartment-like. The room itself and the bathroom are both clean (easy to clean too...which is a good point since I was in-charge of the cleaning while my sister is the cook). This is probably my 2nd most favorite dorm. Ah right, there were 2 housekeepers that were at each other's throats everyday. It was like soap-opera, I tell you. It was kind of funny to watch at first. 

So, why did we move? Because there was a rumor (probably from one of the caretakers) that there will be a curfew (we hate curfews) and because the other housekeeper was getting kind of scary and annoying. Sometimes, she would knock on our door to borrow money or to sell some used shoes or whatever. My sister said she's probably using drugs or something. It did look like that. Ah...I do remember complaining to my dad that I wanted to move because the place where the dorm is, is quite scary at night (dark and all...there were a lot of suspicious people around). And for me who often went home at night, I did not feel secure at all even though our building was just next to the entrance. There were also a lot of drunk people around at night because just across the road are bars which is always full of students and old women. We call it Das-malate (dasmarinas + malate), after this place called Malate which is full of those as well.

Our last dorm is probably the lamest and the worst one of all (the reason: Dad was the one who picked). There was no signal for our phone, the room was freakishly small, there was hardly any water and there was only one window (which we did not open because the hallway is in the other side). To add, we were on the first floor. Since first year, we would always be on the upper floors. Combo breaker. I like stairs. :'(

I can say that the only redeeming factor of this room is the table with the built in fluorescent light. I remember studying at that table at night until I feel asleep while still sitting. Also, it had the perfect brightness for me who can't sleep during the night without any light. Also, the area where the dorm is located has a lot of stray cats so we would get a lot of visitors for Siopao (my cat) who was living with us at that time. 
Still, it sucked. It was the cheapest one, though. So I guess that's understandable.

Still, I miss living in a dorm. You had that kind of freedom that you don't have at home. 
Some of my friends were envious of me back then because I can go home whenever I want (with the exception of my 2nd year because we had a curfew). 

I miss you, dorm life!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I have been watching movies to pass the time this summer. Just a few minutes earlier I've finished watching Hugo (2011) which is just. really. great.

When I was reading the synopsis before I dl-ed it (arr), I thought it would be boring, but since I'm kind of fascinated with Paris plus coupled with the 20th century and all of its awesomeness, I thought I would give it a chance. It turns out that the movie is awesome and I did shed some tears throughout the movie.

Also, I've been in the dumps these past few days (or weeks, even). I was always in denial in my mind and I have always tried to put on a positive mind but ever since our graduation happened and almost all of my classmates and friends have been moving on with their lives, I felt stuck. Like, what have I been doing? Shouldn't I do something, too? Am I destined for something amazing, I always think. I'd like to believe I am.

Though, after watching Hugo, I think it cheered me up a little. After hearing that cute little boy, Hugo, say this:

"I'd imagine the whole world was one big machine. Machines never come with any extra parts, you know. They always come with the exact amount they need. So I figured, if the entire world was one big machine, I couldn't be an extra part. I had to be here for some reason. And that means you have to be here for some reason, too." ,I felt like tomorrow would be good too.

I just have to find my purpose too, right? I know not knowing how your future might turn out is scary as hell, but I guess I can look forward to it. I wonder how my life will turn out... It can't be that bad. :D

Sincerely hoping I'll be rich,

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blast from the past

Good day, dearies!

I've been feeling nostalgic lately. So I cured that by listening to some of my favorite songs from my childhood. XD

Anastasia - Once upon a December

Definitely one of my favorite movies of all time. I remember waiting for it to air on TV because we didn't have a tape of it back then. Also, this movie has one of the best soundtracks ever. Listen to Journey to the Past and At the Beginning too. ♥

Tarzan - You'll be in my Heart

*sob* Brings back so many good memories of my childhood. I had a crush on Tarzan back then. Hahaha.

Hercules - Go the Distance

This song always cheers me up when I'm in the dumps. Makes me want to work harder than before and makes me feel that I.... can go the distance. XD

Beauty and the Beast - Beauty and the Beast

This movie wasn't in my top 10 back when I was a kid. Right now, it still isn't (makes me think of bestiality..erp)
I did learn to appreciate it more because it really is an awesome movie. Plus, the song is just kilig to the bones. XD

Feeling like a kid again,

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cooking with Kat part 1

It's summer vacation (although student years are over and I'm not supposed to have a vacation) and I have nothing to do... I came back to my old experimental cooking habit.

I'm not a good cook. It's not as bad as it used to be when I will try to cook and burn it all or it will end up looking like garbage and will taste the same as it looks. I've become much better but still far from a good one. That doesn't stop me from cooking stuff though. I do dream of owning a cafe or a bakery one day. I don't just want to be an owner though. I want to create pastries and make a good cup of coffee.

#1 Salty Whole Wheat Baguette French Toast (with some toasted baguette on the side)

French Toast, I think, is usually sweet, right? But I wasn't in the mood for sweets that day so I lessened the amount of condensed milk and sprinkled a bit of salt instead. I think it tasted fine but my older sister didn't like it since it's not the usual sweet kind. BTW, my older sister kills at French Toast. It's on the bag of her specialties, together with her special Leche Flan.

As what the title says, I used a whole wheat baguette (from French Baker). 

Buttery goodness. Yum. 

#2 Mini Cupcakes (and afternoon tea)

This, I just made yesterday. My mini cupcakes in 4 different flavors! Yeah. 
 The little brown ones are chocolate (made with chocolate syrup), the bigger ones in dark brown is coffee (my fave. I added some instant coffee powder), pink ones are strawberry (2nd fave. Made with strawberry milk) and the simple white ones are plain with a little bit of maple syrup. 

I used pancake batter on this one and I put them on little plastic cups. I cooked it in the microwave, however, it did not turn out so good. Although the taste was fine, the texture isn't. And it was a bit hard because I think I put it in the oven too long.

Tea! A favorite next to coffee. 

 Tazo tea my friend gave me. Planning to buy myself one since it's just too good!

#3 Banana Oatmeal Fritters and Cupcakes

My little snack today. I think this is the best one yet. Although I was a little disappointed with the cupcakes, but adding a little choco syrup did help on the taste. The fritters were good though (since all things fried are good...haha). I do believe it would taste heavenly with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream.

I used my leftover batter from yesterday's cupcakes. I put some banana and oatmeal but the taste wasn't as overpowering as I had hoped it would be. :( Adding cinnamon would be a great idea (I would have if I had some). My sister did say she tasted the bananas. But it wasn't enough for me. Bananas don't really have that strong taste so it was expected.

Since my little cupcakes yesterday were made in the microwave was a texture failure, I decided to steam them today. It took longer but definitely made it all better. It was soft, soft soft. And the bananas I put gave it a little gooey texture on the inside. Yummeh. 

I made similar fruit cupcakes a few years ago but with apples and apple cinnamon jelly spread instead of bananas and oatmeal. It was the best one I have ever made so far (melts in your mouth, really. The apples were just so great eaten hot because it was so much sweeter). I cooked those in the microwave but it was the right kind of soft. Maybe the spread helped. I haven't made it again though, because that jelly spread is just so so so hard to find nowadays.

Okay. That's it. 
Maybe I'll cook some more next time.

Wannabe pastry chef,

Friday, April 20, 2012


Oh mah gawd.

from forever_shinee
This can't be. Too much change for a noona like me. Ahhhhhhhhh.
Is this a good thing? Did he already have this before? Is this really a piercing? Maybe it's one of those magnetic earrings that were popular in the 90's. Is this reality? Am I overreacting?

I just got home and this is what welcomes me?!
Oh my god. I'm acting like a mom. Taeminnie, y u bring out my mom instincts?
Oh god god god. I'm gonna stop now.

Noona who does not like the piercing,


Okay, I'm back after 2 minutes or so.
HE really did pierce it! NOoooooooooooooooooooooo!
Taemin-ah, you're growing up too fast! This can't be!

Well, okay. I don't like it. It's hard to get used to when you're used to the non pierced taemin. I admit I also had a phase a few years ago when I wanted add 1 more piercing to each ear. That way I can wear 4 earrings at once. But then it went away. Maybe it's just a phase? I know I'm being judgmental and all and really picky and whatnot, but I just don't like guys with piercing. This post it to prove that. The moment I saw an earring on taeminnie's ear, i immediately came here to rant about it. Haha.

Ah basta. I don't like it!

He is still little fairy taeminnie. Cute and shiny and all. But with a piercing. So minus 1 point. But I still luuuve him. Ah. SO confusing.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

While I'm on a posting streak...

...why not post my convention adventure?

So, last April 14, I went to this anime convention (Ozine) after the longest time. 
About 2-3 years ago, I was an active cosplayer. It was a hobby and it made me happy. 
Although maybe because I grew up, my interest changed and I stopped going to conventions or even cosplaying at all. And also, the crowd pretty much changed so it isn't that fun anymore.

Anywhoo, I went again because my brother, John, who is an artist, was selling his art at the convention. Also, it was his 15th birthday so I went for moral support. Haha. Well, I did spend most of my time outside the convention and went wild shopping at the mall so I can't really call that support.
Although it was fascinating to see that people were buying the stuff that my brother did. His comics (which I helped to edit) was nearly sold out and there were tons of people who paid for commissions. 

I do believe that it was a good experience for my brother. And we did both enjoy the day: him, selling his art, and I, shopping. XD I'm a bad sister. Etude House was calling me, what was I supposed to do? XDD

4 out of 5 comics sold. Pretty good job for his first time selling.

There were a lot of other good artists at the indie artists' area that I was almost tempted to buy, but they were selling stuff that are a bit too expensive for me (because I used up all my money from shopping a few hours earlier). I could always ask my brother to draw and make stuff for me. Why should I buy when I can get stuff for free? XD


It's the middle of summer!

And I don't have any plans (or job) at all.
I usually just stay at home and bum around doing nothing.

I did go to the school the other day to return my toga (and got a refund pf 800php! Sweet!)
So, for the first time ever, I took pictures of the school using my crappy camera phone.
I stayed at the school's very pretty (and just recently renovated) botanical garden while I waited for my friends. Since it is probably the last time that I will be able to stay there, why not take pictures to remember the moment?

 The popular man-made lake of DLSU-D that we used to ridicule because of the stench. It's all nose-friendly now. You can fish and all that. My sister and I used to feed the fishies with stale pancakes.
 It's actually pretty big and deep, but you can't see that in the picture. I was too lazy to stand and pick a better view.

I know the pictures suck. It is much prettier in real life. 

And the little fruit (?) that I picked off the ground. I have no idea what it is. But it's cute.

So, yeah. The place where I stayed for 4 years to study Psychology. I will miss it. Our trees are bragable. Haha. Prettiest campus ever. It looks more like a park than a university. Do visit and look for our fountains. Haha. They're all around the campus. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Welcome to the world of...

... the unemployed.

News flash, guys! I graduated yesterday. It's tragic and sad (as our magna cumlaude who is also one of my closest college buddy puts it, it's the end of all allowances) yet it seems like a birth of a new chapter in my life.
This day, I am officially unemployed.
Now, what do I do with my life? I have still to read a book about how to live your life once you step out of college. Luckily (or unluckily?), I still have a month to prepare for the workforce since I can't get a job yet because of an upcoming trip in May.
So, well see how my life turns out after that May trip. Will I blog about my new found job in June? Or will I stay jobless and be a bum that I would hate to be?

Can I just fast forward life to the time when I am already rich and famous?


Complimentary pictures from the graduation!

From left: Julie Bebe (our magna cum laude), silly me, Orja, Julie Pepe, and Isel. 
My closest college buddies! We've been friends since our first year in college! 

 My awesome friend Nina on the right. We share same interests and sometimes I get scared that we are too similar sometimes. It's just awesome.

From top left to right: Kiko, Kwek, Julie B, Julie P, Isel, Orja, Zhara, Candy, me, Tin

My group of friends (we're called Mushrooms... not really clear to me yet why. XD) 
From left: Kiko, Julie Pepe, Isel, Candy, Kwek (in sunglasses...not yet graduating because...yeah), Orja, Me, Tin, Julie Bebe, Zhara, and our last recruit Macha (who still has a year left because Engineering students have 5 years of college).
I'll miss these guys. :'(

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Two things I would love to have right now...

1. A tiffany blue mamachari

Although I'm almost out of my teen years, I have yet to properly learn how to ride a bike. My hometown isn't exactly a place for biking and all. Didn't get a chance to during my childhood. However, a few years back, I went to visit my grandparents and my aunt just won a bike from Bingo. So I got to practice a little. I can at least ride on it without falling and pedal straight.

I want a mamachari! With bells for a warning that I'm going to run you over.

2. A brown leather backpack

I actually had one just a few weeks ago which I bought from a school bazaar last year (tragic story how it disappeared. And it was my most expensive bag to date. "OTL. I miss you, cute bag). It was black with brown linings with lots of space inside. I actually bought a shoe that matches the bag (obsessed much). I want another one! Or rather, I want it back! I don't know if I can find a bag cuter than that one, though.  I sure hope so.

How about you? What is your summer wishlist?
Do tell!


Spent the day...

...watching 2 Broke Girls (which is pretty funny. Do watch it. It's interesting.)
So, since I now have my own room (after 19 years of living), I got the idea to make a vision board! Well, okay. I get easily sidetracked and influenced. Saw it in 2 broke girls. And I read it once in a business magazine that it does help on, you know, making your dreams a reality and stuff. But I do think it's a good idea. I did create a mini one a few years back in my closet but removed and lost all of it when I moved rooms.
So, so, so the pseudo big project of mine this summer (since I am in the midst of not getting a job and being a bum) is to create my very own vision board! Huhah!

Maybe I'll post it here when I finish.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Since I've got nothing to do today....

...might as well post another K-indie post. I'm on a roll today. Hah.
Check them out! They're pretty great (if we share the same taste in music).

Springloll - Humming

Today, I've stumbled upon hummingwaltz's playlist on YT. It's just awesome. Do check her/him (iunno?) out if you have the time and the love for K-indie. Almost all of the videos I've posted today are from that page. Ozzzuuum. Been listening non-stop since this noon.

Love&Pop - 나른한 오후에 취해

I love this one's title (I google translated and it's written in the comments on yt. I can't actually read korean. hah). Suits the mood don't you think? Makes you think of lazy afternoons while drinking tea (or coffee...or oj, depending on your preferences).
Morrie - One Fine Day

An old fave. You don't know how hard I searched for Morrie's album a few months back. Practically nonexistent. Good thing there's yt around.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Linus Blanket

Linus' Blanket - See you my dream

The first ever group that introduced me to k-indie. They're in my top5.
This group is definitely most most most recommended.
It makes me want to eat something sweet and stare outside a window all day. Haha.
How about you?

Linus' Blanket - Blanket Song

Check them out! They get all the hearts from me. ♥♥♥♥♥
More stuff next time!


It's scorching hot today. Gah. I'll listen to lovely music all day to tolerate the heat.

An intro to my love for K-Indie

10cm - Americano

^first song that I heard from them that made me fall in love with this group instantly.
A popular(if compared to most k-indies) band, 10cm. Definitely one of my favorites.
I love K-indie. It has so much rawness and feel to it that you can't find in most of mainstream k-pop songs.

I will be posting more in the future. Wahaha. I'll slowly influence you with my music preferences.

9 days to go, go, go

First entry on a new blog. 
I went night jogging a few hours earlier. It was the first time I ever tried to jog during the night. Wasn't much of a pleasant experience since I had a bit of trouble seeing things in front of me. Hah. Also, speeding cars are as scary as flying cockroaches. Note: next time, bring a flashlight and wear a reflective shirt. 

(I bet this will look pretty nice while running. XD)

Also, I'll be graduating in 9 days! Woohoo! Well, not entirely a woohoo moment. I'm still not sure how to take it. I'm already graduating but, but and but, it just feels so nostalgic and secure inside a school where you are sure to have an allowance everyday and meals and friends and .... *the list of superb and secure things go on*. I don't think I'm ready for the workforce yet. I'm just so awkward in social situations that I always bomb my interviews and all that (during my ojts).

Hmm. Is this too heavy for a first entry? XD I'll be stopping here then...

'Till next time, ningens!

Worried Kat


Cutie Taeminnie to lighten up my mood!