Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Since I've got nothing to do today....

...might as well post another K-indie post. I'm on a roll today. Hah.
Check them out! They're pretty great (if we share the same taste in music).

Springloll - Humming

Today, I've stumbled upon hummingwaltz's playlist on YT. It's just awesome. Do check her/him (iunno?) out if you have the time and the love for K-indie. Almost all of the videos I've posted today are from that page. Ozzzuuum. Been listening non-stop since this noon.

Love&Pop - 나른한 오후에 취해

I love this one's title (I google translated and it's written in the comments on yt. I can't actually read korean. hah). Suits the mood don't you think? Makes you think of lazy afternoons while drinking tea (or coffee...or oj, depending on your preferences).
Morrie - One Fine Day

An old fave. You don't know how hard I searched for Morrie's album a few months back. Practically nonexistent. Good thing there's yt around.


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