Wednesday, April 18, 2012

While I'm on a posting streak...

...why not post my convention adventure?

So, last April 14, I went to this anime convention (Ozine) after the longest time. 
About 2-3 years ago, I was an active cosplayer. It was a hobby and it made me happy. 
Although maybe because I grew up, my interest changed and I stopped going to conventions or even cosplaying at all. And also, the crowd pretty much changed so it isn't that fun anymore.

Anywhoo, I went again because my brother, John, who is an artist, was selling his art at the convention. Also, it was his 15th birthday so I went for moral support. Haha. Well, I did spend most of my time outside the convention and went wild shopping at the mall so I can't really call that support.
Although it was fascinating to see that people were buying the stuff that my brother did. His comics (which I helped to edit) was nearly sold out and there were tons of people who paid for commissions. 

I do believe that it was a good experience for my brother. And we did both enjoy the day: him, selling his art, and I, shopping. XD I'm a bad sister. Etude House was calling me, what was I supposed to do? XDD

4 out of 5 comics sold. Pretty good job for his first time selling.

There were a lot of other good artists at the indie artists' area that I was almost tempted to buy, but they were selling stuff that are a bit too expensive for me (because I used up all my money from shopping a few hours earlier). I could always ask my brother to draw and make stuff for me. Why should I buy when I can get stuff for free? XD


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