Friday, April 13, 2012

Welcome to the world of...

... the unemployed.

News flash, guys! I graduated yesterday. It's tragic and sad (as our magna cumlaude who is also one of my closest college buddy puts it, it's the end of all allowances) yet it seems like a birth of a new chapter in my life.
This day, I am officially unemployed.
Now, what do I do with my life? I have still to read a book about how to live your life once you step out of college. Luckily (or unluckily?), I still have a month to prepare for the workforce since I can't get a job yet because of an upcoming trip in May.
So, well see how my life turns out after that May trip. Will I blog about my new found job in June? Or will I stay jobless and be a bum that I would hate to be?

Can I just fast forward life to the time when I am already rich and famous?


Complimentary pictures from the graduation!

From left: Julie Bebe (our magna cum laude), silly me, Orja, Julie Pepe, and Isel. 
My closest college buddies! We've been friends since our first year in college! 

 My awesome friend Nina on the right. We share same interests and sometimes I get scared that we are too similar sometimes. It's just awesome.

From top left to right: Kiko, Kwek, Julie B, Julie P, Isel, Orja, Zhara, Candy, me, Tin

My group of friends (we're called Mushrooms... not really clear to me yet why. XD) 
From left: Kiko, Julie Pepe, Isel, Candy, Kwek (in sunglasses...not yet graduating because...yeah), Orja, Me, Tin, Julie Bebe, Zhara, and our last recruit Macha (who still has a year left because Engineering students have 5 years of college).
I'll miss these guys. :'(

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