Friday, April 20, 2012


Oh mah gawd.

from forever_shinee
This can't be. Too much change for a noona like me. Ahhhhhhhhh.
Is this a good thing? Did he already have this before? Is this really a piercing? Maybe it's one of those magnetic earrings that were popular in the 90's. Is this reality? Am I overreacting?

I just got home and this is what welcomes me?!
Oh my god. I'm acting like a mom. Taeminnie, y u bring out my mom instincts?
Oh god god god. I'm gonna stop now.

Noona who does not like the piercing,


Okay, I'm back after 2 minutes or so.
HE really did pierce it! NOoooooooooooooooooooooo!
Taemin-ah, you're growing up too fast! This can't be!

Well, okay. I don't like it. It's hard to get used to when you're used to the non pierced taemin. I admit I also had a phase a few years ago when I wanted add 1 more piercing to each ear. That way I can wear 4 earrings at once. But then it went away. Maybe it's just a phase? I know I'm being judgmental and all and really picky and whatnot, but I just don't like guys with piercing. This post it to prove that. The moment I saw an earring on taeminnie's ear, i immediately came here to rant about it. Haha.

Ah basta. I don't like it!

He is still little fairy taeminnie. Cute and shiny and all. But with a piercing. So minus 1 point. But I still luuuve him. Ah. SO confusing.

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