Sunday, May 27, 2012

Boyz Nite Out rant. Yes. Again.

Okay. I'm here to rant again. But this is somehow different because I'm ranting in another country. Haha.
Anywhoo, as you shawols know, SHINee will be performing with 4 other kpop artists in one concert (if you aren't a shawol, then now you know. Good for you.)

Now, my problem doesn't include my stay here is SG since I am pretty sure I'd still be here on June 15, the CD (concert day). HOWEVER, this still doesn't eliminate the ticket dilemma. So so so expensive for a 2 and a half hour concert with SHINee probably singing just 3 to 5 songs. I don't know. I'm not really too sure if it's expensive because I never really have gone to a real concert before (I'm lame). It's really conflicting because I know I wouldn't appreciate the other groups as much and would rather just go to an SM or a SHINee-only concert. But there's a voice in my heart that says that I shouldn't miss this opportunity to see my idols. Although the ticket is so expensive (because honestly, everything is expensive here except the toiletries and stuff). $148 for a balcony/terrace seat. More than 5,000php. And the good seats are at $178. 6K. Too effing expensive.

If that's the price for a full SHINee concert, then I'm sure to come. But this time...I'm having second thoughts.

Do you think this will be my only opportunity to be able to see them?

I'm still confused. Is me being just a computer screen fan be ever enough? I want to see them in person too! Darn it. SHINee! Hold a proper concert in the Philippines too! But wait till I get home first. :D

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