Thursday, May 24, 2012

4 Years with SHINee

Happy SHINee Anniversary, fellow shawols! ♥

It has been 4 years already. Wow. I never imagined I would be a fan for so long. I mean, honestly, I'm the type of person who gets bored easily. But to think that I've been following SHINee since I was 16... just incredible. SHINee has been such a driving force in my life since I started college. Through my freshman year up to my graduation day, they had been in my heart.

I hope they stay together for as long as they can. We loyal shawols will stay with them forever. I am so totally grateful to SM that they formed SHINee. *cry cry* My so mundane life had been splashed with colors because of these 5 shining boys.

It felt just yesterday that I was watching their debut stage on youtube last May 2008. Of course, I wouldn't forget my hs bestie, Joan, who introduced me to them because she thought one member looked like our highschool crush, and he did. Plus, she knows of my pedo tendencies and who wouldn't love to watch a 15 year old singing about his love for older women? Ah memories. I was 16 then. 

shinee - shinee wallpaper
I love this picture because Minnie was wearing glasses. I'm a sucker for Megane-charas.

SHINee during Lucifer era. When Taemin first started the long hair thing and all Taemints' ovaries exploded. 
I just love this picture of them. It's funny how the four others look like normal hot kpop idols while leader Onew looks like he's going to a tennis game or something. I love his style. So normal and laidback! Haha.
When SHINee went to Europe. And became the first Asian artist to perform on Abbey Road Studios. So legendary, these boys are.

Oh god. I'm sincerely hoping to see them this June 15 on SG. Or even any other day. And I'll congratulate them on their 4 years. With a kiss and a hug. Or even just a signature. Or a picture. I'd be happy with those. ☺

My SHINee bias, maknae Taeminnie. I love all of them lots and lots, but Taemin is just too adorable that I can't help giving him more love than the others. ♥ And having the same birthday as him doesn't help either. I was fated to spazz over this boy. ♥

I'm going to celebrate the day by watching SHINee's Hello Baby. I should have bought banana milk when I went out the other day. Oh well. There are other snacks to binge on. ☺

How about you? If you were a shawol, how would you celebrate your 4th year with your favorite band?

4 years as a shawol,

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