Thursday, May 31, 2012

Singapore post again!

It's already May 31. Been here in SG since the 27th. It has been a bit uneventful so far.  We  mainly just window shopped and ate at hawkers for "cheap" SG food that are still pretty expensive in PH standards. And yesterday we went to scavenge for books (because I already finished the book I brought with me....I'll tell you about that later) so zoom we went to Wheelock's Place for that huge collection of books only to find mannequins instead of paperbacks. So off we went to Takashiyama to find that big bookstore...Kinokuniya, if I'm not mistaken... just to find out that we picked the wrong date. They were closed for re-stocking and would resume operations the next day, which is today. Talk about bad timing, man. It was a bit of a dud and I went home pretty defeated. However, we did go out to play today. The real SG adventure started today, I guess.

Death Eater display at MBS mall place thingy. XD Can't wait to go to that HP exhibit. <3

My older sister and I. The MBS at our back. :D

There was this super awesome and totally amazing water and lights show at the MBS a few minutes before this. It was superb, really. I felt like a kid again. I want to watch over and over and over. It was so so fantastic, especially that part when the bubbles went out. I felt like a princess! I should have worn a silk dress instead. XD
 I took bad pictures, though. But I do think my uncle caught a video of it. Maybe I'll post it next time. Maybe. XD

The infamous Merlion.

Obligatory SG Tourist Photo. Look like you're drinking from the Merlion's ...uhh...spew of water.
Believe me when I say that almost everyone is doing this pose there. Just like that tourist thing in Pisa. This is a bit of a fail though. Still.... I tried. XD

Sentosa tomorrow! Can't wait. XDDD

Gute nacth!

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