Sunday, September 16, 2012

Song of the day

Okay, this will be short because I have to get ready for an interview later at 2pm. It's only 10... but you know how girls are. Plus it takes a few hours to get to the place. Anyway, wish me luck later! I've been going to so many job interviews since I came back home, but I can' t seem to land a job just yet. Sigh. I'm getting depressed.

Oh well. Song of the day!

SHINee's Keeping Love Again! I just love this song. It's from the Sherlock Japanese album and it's just awesome. SHINee's Japanese songs are just to watch out for, really. Their other songs, aside from the title track, are all awesome. This one is my fave, so far. Onew's voice here is just ♥ (as always). I like his voice a lot because it just makes you melt. Check the song out!

My other fave japanese song of theirs is Kiss Kiss Kiss. It's good too.

Can't wait for SHINee's Dazzling Girl! Have you seen the teaser? The choreo looks fantastic!

Oh. Bye guys. I'll be late. Have to go. 


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