Monday, September 10, 2012

Random rant

As I was saying on my last post, I am questioning the purpose of this blog. I've been thinking a lot about it since I started to post things again. I want it to have a personality of some sort - a theme or something. A travel blog? Food blog? Fashion? Music?

In the end, I came to the conclusion that this shall just be a simple, personal blog that will be filled with my rants and every day thoughts and experiences. It has started that way, right? I guess I should just continue doing that. I'm not aiming for popularity anyways. This is my outlet. Like an online diary.

The internet is just so awesome in so many ways. I'm so glad I'm alive right now, although I am quite fascinated with the past and it's sophistication. Long live 21st century! XD

Hugs and pats on the head (since I like them so much),

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