Monday, September 10, 2012

A surprise visitor

We had a surprise visitor earlier this afternoon. I can clearly tell Siopao was not happy about it. He was on a cat rage and was all territorial and sh*t. Anyway, the surprise visitor was a pretty cat. Presumably a stray, but with a coat so impressive that it rivals my cat. Though Siopao's coat isn't that much impressive either. Anyway, for a stray cat in the Philippines, she looked extremely well taken care of.
The orange and white cat is my lovely and feisty Siopao. The other one is the trespassing cat.

I do have a video of them just growling(?) at one another. Too lazy to upload though. Haha. I do hope she comes again (though my cat wouldn't like that at all). I want to adopt her. She's just too cute. Seems like a good cat too with a nice personality. Clearly, she has courage for just barging in on my cat's territory. But I have heard she's been here a few times before. I wonder what her relationship with Siopao is...

Have a nice day, guys. Goodnight!


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