Saturday, June 16, 2012

Why is it that...

... when SHINee holds a concert on the country where I am, it's either they're just guests or is performing along with a lot of other bands that I don't like. Also, they ALWAYS aren't complete.

When I was in the Philippines, back in 2009, SHINee went as a guest performer to the Korea-Philippines friendship concert. Taemin wasn't there because of a flu (h1n1 ata). It was okay that I didn't go anyway because without Taemin, as a Taemint, the experience wouldn't have been complete.

Currently I am in Singapore and yesterday SHINee was here for the Boyz Night Out concert along with 5 other kpop bands. Apparently, Minho wasn't present (I still don't know the reason).

So maybe it's the universe's sign that my decision was right not to go to any of those two concerts? Am I just rationalizing this because I really wanted to go but couldn't because I didn't have the money? Will they be able to hold a full length concert (or even an SM Town, godammit) to the country where I will be at?

Let's leave it that my decision was right not to go to the concert. There will be more opportunities next time (I sincerely hope so).

a wee sad fangirl

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