Friday, June 29, 2012

Still in SG...

and the days are continuing to pass...

As you all know (or not), a few months back, I graduated from college. Now, I, a broke fresh 'bum'grate refrained from looking for a job immediately because of a trip to another country, here in SG. Originally, the trip was supposed to stay only as, well, a trip but as days went by I was more or less convinced that I should try my luck and find a job here. So I did. And now a month has passed and I was hired as a barista on a sort of coffee shop/small bar at Clark Quay. I dream of working as a barista at a coffee shop everyday. Although the shop is so very small and not very like Starbucks or SBC or CBTL, I guess this is the nearest I can go. Now, I'm only waiting for my pass to be approved (which apparently is the biggest hurdle of all).

I promised you I would tell you the progress of my used to be bum life, so here you have it. Although the job I will be having right now is not what I imagined I would have (Bye HR Officer) but it's better than having no job at all. And the pay is good. So I guess that balances it all out. I'm still young. I can go back to my field if I want to, right? (I'm rationalizing, yes). It's still all good and I'm still happy. Let's just see if I will enjoy what I will be doing. Wish me luck!

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