Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Terminally Ill Taemin-Bias Fan

So, a terminally ill SHINee and SJ fan was able to meet the two groups recently.
Good for her, actually. My heart swelled with happiness, and a little tinge of envy as well, when I learned that she is a Taemint. It's a joy to see fellow Taemints meet our bias, but of course, I would want to meet him in person as well. Haha. She's really quite a lucky fellow. Nice little minnie even gave her his own special bracelet. I wonder what bracelet that it. I hope not his brown one. Am I bad for thinking this?

Anywho, good for her, really. I hope she was happy meeting them. :D I will get my chance soon, surely! <3

(Credit goes to owner)
*Creys* They are all so full of handsomosity in this picture. Handsome handsome guys. 

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